Pre-Summit International Conference on Qalb (Virtues) -Guided Leadership in Higher Education Institutions

Full paper submissions are invited for the Pre-Summit International Conference on Qalb (Virtues) – Guided Leadership in Higher Education Institutions, 14 – 15 November 2016.

The Summit and the Pre-Summit International Conference welcome papers on disciplines and perspectives related to Leadership in Higher Education and Qalb(Virtues) – Guided Values, respectively, which will contribute to discussions to cater for an audience comprising of university leaders, academics, administrators and policy makers involved in the development of Higher Education.


  • Qalb (Virtues) – Guided Leadership Traits & Behaviours
  • Humanising the University
  • Human Governance
  • Self Leadership and Identity Construction
  • Academic Ethics and Integrity
  • Intellectualism in Higher Islamic Education

WICULS 2016 Pre-Summit International Conference on Qalb (Virtues) -Guided Leadership in Higher Education Institutions

The Pre-Summit International Conference acts as a platform to discuss relevant issues and challenges in aligning the role of Universities to educate both the Hearts and Minds. The focus will be given to return the soul and ethics driven education in the eco-system of HEIs. This summit is also aimed to discuss the role of Qalb (Virtues) in actualizing a visionary, courageous and dynamic leadership. In this respect this summit will discuss the association of Qalb (Virtues) and leadership from both the theoretical and practical knowledge. The notion of being as genuine leader who upholds honesty, sincerity and integrity and knows how to implementing it is a paramount scope of this summit. Therefore this summit welcome all scholars and practitioners in the field of Education, Leadership, Social Studies, Management, Islamic Studies and others to present paper and research findings for the benefits of effective and sustainable leadership to the HEIs and society at large.     


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