Jos Hermans

Jos Hermans

Jos Hermans

Jos Hermans is an economist with many years of experience in professional higher education (TVET).

He studied at Tilburg University Netherlands in the sixties of last century and became a member of the Limburg provincial parliament as a representative for the Dutch Ecologist Party in the seventies.  During the eighties Jos Hermans was the Head of the department of Accounting &Finance at Limburg Business School. In 1996 he was appointed Dean of that same School, established in Maastricht, Netherlands. While working for the business school, Jos took the lead in introducing significant educational innovations like Applied Learning and Thematic Education. He started up international exchange networks for students and staff, like the European-American Magellan Exchange. He was and still is a determined advocate of the idea that learning experiences will have their maximal impact if participants are directly involved  in daily practice.

Jos Hermans  was involved in one of the first EU-funded projects in Russia after Glasnost, and stimulated the establishment of a Faculty for Applied Economics at the University for Architecture in Nizhny Novgorod. For this work he was awarded a Honorary PhD in 1999.

From 2000-2005 Jos Hermans was Director International Relations at the new established Zuyd University for Applied Sciences in Maastricht, Netherlands.  For this university he established working relations with universities on all continents and represented his university in social, educational and political matters.

From 2005-2009 Jos Hermans left the university. He started his work as the chair of the House of Commons at the Euregion Rhine-Meuse. Euregions are greenhouses of transborder cooperation in the European Union. With more than 3 million inhabtitants the Euregion Rhine-Meuse is the largest of all 60 Euregions in nowadays Europe, with cities like Maastricht (Netherlands), Liege (Belgium) and Aachen (Germany).

In these same years 2005-2009 he joined United Nations University in its strategy to initiate a global expertise-network Education for Sustainable Development. In his home-Euregion he established the first Regional Center of Expertise on ESD.

Jos Hermans retired in 2009. Since his retirement Jos is active as an external advisor in numerous organisations like PUM Netherlands Senior Experts in the Hague. For this organization, liased at the Dutch Foreign Ministry,  he advised among others business schools in Rwanda and Burkina Faso.

Furthermore Jos was appointed by United Nations University as advisor for European RCEs. In this capacity he is also appointed peer-member in UNUs Ubuntu Committee.

In his work Jos Hermans is in close contact with UNESCO-UNEVOC for several matters of professional education.